Opalescent Perfumes

Chris Schaefer

- About me

 I come from an aromatherapy background. I obtained my Certificate in Aromatherapy from Australasian College of Natural Sciences; now known as the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Initially I practiced aromatherapy but during my studies had several units on natural perfumery and I was hooked. Now I find that my knowledge of the clinical uses of essential oils compliments my skills in creating my fragrances.


I studied with Mandy Aftel of Aftelier Perfumes, completing all of Mandy’s studio classes. It was an honor to study with and learn from a master. I am proud to be recognized as a Professional Perfumer with the Natural Perfumer’s Guild.


My time is split between my very rural Northern California home and my cozy space in the foothills of Saratoga, in the south bay area of San Francisco. I have a wonderful sunny work area in my home and the beauty of both of my areas is an inspiration.
In addition to crafting fragrances; I am blessed with two grandsons, two sons and their ladies, and a wonderful partner. My life is very rich.


One of my hobbies is making and collecting kaleidoscopes. I am also pretty passionate about opals; my birthstone. I see interrelatedness between my passions. The “beads” of silica that form a gem opal will never be exactly lined up to form identical stones. The light plays upon each stone creating brilliant displays of color. Precious and non precious items are used within kaleidoscopes with mirrors and light to display a myriad of different patterns and designs; all beautiful. You can take the same raw ingredients and the blends you create will be startlingly different from someone else’s. Lovely natural essences are used to create tapestries of fragrance; however, one will experience differences in ones resources. Just as in different vintages of the same wine, different vintages of our precious essences will show us different qualities. Then there is you, my dear friend, you will supply your own unique chemistry with which to display and support the fragrance.

I always seek out the finest materials with which to build my perfumes. I do use wild crafted and organic essences whenever possible. My fragrance line is 100% natural. Blending and creating my perfumes is such a joy for me; I do so hope that you will enjoy wearing and experiencing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.