Opalescent Perfumes

Natural Perfumery Classes

Consider a natural perfumery class for a special occasion

Beginning natural perfumery classes are offered at my studio in Saratoga or Northern California. I am also able to travel and bring the class to you with a minimum of 5 students for a nominal fee within a 50 mile radius. If this is an option that appeals to you, please contact me.

The beginning class consists of a short introduction to perfume and a discussion of the differences between synthetic and natural ingredients. Twenty different essences will be supplied and sampled. Each student will make a selection of base, middle and top notes and a solid perfume will be made. All supplies, essences and other materials will be provided. Each student will receive handouts, a perfume wheel, and their finished solid perfume. Consider a natural perfumery class for a special occasion such as a bachelorette party, a wedding shower, or a birthday gathering.

Cost: $60.00 per person


Custom Perfumes

Something special...

Have you ever wanted a fragrance that was yours and yours alone? If so, consider having a custom perfume created especially for you. We can work together either in my studio or by mail. You will experience a great variety of natural essential oils, absolutes and concretes. After learning which essences appeal to you I will then begin blending your signature scent. You will have all opportunity to sample and discuss during the process. You will receive a ¼ bottle of your signature fragrance. Please contact me to discuss your particular needs and desires.

Custom Perfume: $200.00

Refills: current price