Opalescent Perfumes

Opalescent Perfumes

...experience the ultimate indulgence!

Natural perfumery is an art that originated thousands of years ago.  We have always desired to scent ourselves and our environments.  Fragrance has the capability to profoundly effect our emotions and evoke dearly held memories.  I am passionate about creating fragrances using aromatic materials found only in nature.   Opalescent Natural Perfumes are complex, multi-layered treasures, much like the swirling colors of that iridescent gemstone; the opal or the notes in a joyful symphony.

Experience the ultimate indulgence of fine natural perfumes.  Always test a perfume on your skin; your unique body chemistry will make that fragrance yours and yours alone.

I am a member of the Natural Perfumer’s Guild and will never use synthetic ingredients.  My perfumes are blended by hand in small batches and I use organic or wild crafted material whenever possible.